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aws discovery day

A Migration Adventure with AWS

Who should attend

Empower Your Migration Journey with AWS

Join us for “AWS Discovery Day – A Migration Adventure with AWS,” a game-changing event designed for businesses looking to maximize the potential of their infrastructure.

This complimentary session delves into the migration process and demonstrates how AWS can be used to update systems, increase scalability, and improve operational effectiveness.

Learn from real-world success stories on successful migration, gaining insights from accomplished businesses that have unlocked the full potential of AWS.

Give your company the knowledge it needs to navigate the migration process with ease, utilizing AWS’s cutting-edge tools and professional advice.

Don’t miss this impactful opportunity to elevate your business to new heights.

Why Migrate to the AWS Cloud?

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Pay only for what you use, no need for heavy hardware investments.
  2. Scalability: Easily scale up or down to match demand and avoid resource wastage.
  3. Security: Benefit from robust security measures against cyber threats.
  4. Innovation: Access a wide range of services and tools to drive business innovation.
  5. Global Presence: Expand services worldwide with AWS’s extensive global infrastructure.
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AWS Discovery Day Agenda

10.00 AM – 10.15 AM
Welcome to AWS Discovery Day
10.00 AM – 10.15 AM
10.15 AM – 10.30 AM
PEOPLElogy Introduction
10.15 AM – 10.30 AM
10.30 AM – 12.00 PM
AWS Discovery Day Session with Mr. Harjit:

-A Migration Adventure with AWS

-Real-World Case Studies

-Q&A Session
10.30 AM – 12.00 PM
12.00 PM – 12.30 PM
AWS Quiz: Knowledge Expedition
12.00 PM – 12.30 PM
12.30 PM – 1.00 PM
Event Summary and Closing
12.30 PM – 1.00 PM


Harjit S. Nanua | AWS Champion Instructor 

Introducing Mr. Harjit S. Nanua, our distinguished AWS Champion Instructor, with 12+ years of tech consultancy experience, specializing in cloud-based technologies. With a global track record of success, he guides organizations through large-scale migrations using cutting-edge tools and strategies. His engaging consultancy services optimize cloud infrastructure, elevate applications, and drive companies to unprecedented success.

Join us for an enlightening talk on leveraging his expertise for seamless, large-scale migrations.


AWS Discovery Day on A Migration Adventure with AWS aims to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition of applications, data, and infrastructure to AWS. By utilizing strategic approaches and specialized tools, organizations can minimize downtime, mitigate risks, and optimize AWS services, resulting in improved scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness in the cloud.

AWS Discovery Day on A Migration Adventure with AWS equips you with knowledge and insights to streamline business operations using specialized tools and best practices for large-scale migration.

Large-scale migration enables businesses to efficiently transition their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, unlocking benefits like scalability, cost optimization, and enhanced performance.

Yes, our AWS Discovery Day includes real-world case studies, demonstrating successful large-scale migration implementations and their outcomes.

Great news! The AWS Discovery Day is absolutely free to attend. There are no registration fees or charges associated with participating in this event.

To register for the AWS Discovery Day, simply fill out the required information, and submit the registration form. Our team will then follow up with further instructions and confirm your registration.

To join the webinar, simply click on the Zoom link provided in the registration confirmation email. The link will take you directly to the webinar session.

Yes, to join the webinar, you will need to have the Zoom application installed on your device. You can download it for free from the Zoom website ( ).


Yes, you can join the webinar using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Make sure to download the Zoom app from your device’s app store before the webinar starts.

Absolutely! We encourage you to invite your colleagues and team members who would benefit from the webinar. Simply share the registration link with them, and they can register to join the session.