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CompTIA Cloud Essentials+

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+

Course Duration
3 Days

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Course Overview

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is an introductory course that covers the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, such as its business benefits and various cloud service models. The course covers the fundamentals of cloud deployment, management, and virtualization, as well as key considerations for cloud adoption such as security and compliance.  

Upon completion, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of cloud computing concepts, identify cloud computing technologies, and comprehend cloud adoption strategies. 

Corporate Benefits

Upskilling your employees in this certification offers several advantages, including: 

  • Increasing company’s productivity and efficiency through cloud technologies adoption 
  • Reducing organisational costs associated with traditional IT infrastructure 
  • Increasing an organization’s competitive advantage through skilled workforce in cloud computing 
  • Better employee collaboration and information sharing, resulting in better decision-making and problem-solving 
  • Improving security by increasing awareness of cloud security best practises 

Course ratings

Azizul Hasbullah
Head of IT
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"We recently took the CompTIA Cloud Essentials course, and we were impressed by the depth of knowledge and practical application it provided. Our team is now better equipped to handle our cloud infrastructure, which has led to increased productivity and efficiency."
Tan Wei Ling
IT Manager
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"After taking the CompTIA Cloud Essentials course, I have a newfound appreciation for the benefits of cloud computing. The course provided practical tools and knowledge that I could apply immediately to my business."
Syazwani Zulkifle
System Administrator
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"The CompTIA Cloud Essentials course is a must for any IT professional looking to expand their skillset. The course is well-structured, with clear and concise explanations of complex concepts."
Devanand Raju
Infrastructure Specialist
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"Our team had been struggling with managing our cloud infrastructure before taking the CompTIA Cloud Essentials course. The course not only provided the necessary knowledge but also helped our team develop a unified approach to managing our cloud services."
Rajeswari Nair
Cloud Architect
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"The CompTIA Cloud Essentials course is an excellent investment in your team's professional development. The course is highly relevant to the needs of today's businesses and provides practical knowledge that can be applied immediately."

Why Choose Us ?

  • Reputable training facility with over 20 years of experience.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable instructors
  • High-quality, relevant, and up-to-date training materials
  • Convenient training that fits your hectic schedule
  • Good value for money that is worth the investment

Course Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of cloud computing 
  • Understand the business aspects and impact of cloud computing 
  • Differentiate the types of cloud solutions and the adoption measures needed for each 
  • Identify the technical challenges and the mitigation measures involved in cloud 
  • computing 
  • Identify the steps to successfully adopt cloud services 
  • Identify the basic concepts of ITIL and describe how the ITIL framework is useful in the 
  • Implement cloud computing in an organization 
  • Identify the potential risks associated with cloud computing and risk mitigation measures, as well as the potential cost considerations for cloud implementation and its strategic benefits
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Who Should Get Certified

  • IT professionals who are new to cloud computing and want to learn the basics of the technology 
  • IT professionals who work in organisations that are considering adopting cloud technologies 
  • Business professionals who want to understand the business value of cloud computing and its impact on IT service management 
  • Sales and marketing professionals who sell cloud services or products and must understand the technology and its benefits 
  • Managers and executives who need to make cloud adoption decisions and want to understand the impact of cloud computing on their organisation
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  • Have a basic understanding of IT concepts and terminology 
  • Have some experience working in an IT environment, though this is not required
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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing 

  • Overview of Cloud Computing 
  • Evolution of the Cloud 
  • Specialised Cloud Services 


Module 2: Business Value of Cloud Computing 

  • Business Need for Cloud Computing 
  • Cloud Scalability 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Impact of Cloud Computing on Business 


Module 3: Technical Perspectives of Cloud Computing 

  • The Cloud Deployment Models 
  • Network Requirements for Cloud Deployment 
  • Automation and Self-Service in Cloud Computing 
  • Federated Cloud Services 
  • Standardisation 


Module 4: Technical Challenges of Cloud Computing 

  • Cloud Storage 
  • Application Performance 
  • Data Integration 
  • Security Risks and Mitigation 
  • Application Architecture and the Development Process 


Module 5: Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud Services 

  • Steps to Adopting Cloud Services 
  • Organisational Capability to Adopt Cloud Services 
  • Cloud Vendor Roles and Capabilities 
  • Migrating Applications to the Cloud 


Module 6: ITIL and Cloud Computing 

  • Overview of ITIL 
  • Planning Service Strategy 
  • Designing Cloud Service 
  • Transitioning to Live Environment 
  • Running a Cloud Service Operation 
  • Continual Service Improvement with Cloud 


Module 7: Identifying Risks and Consequences 

  • Organisational Risks 
  • Technical Risks 
  • Legal Risks 
  • Cost Evaluation for Cloud Computing 
  • Identify Maintenance Aspects of Strategic Flexibility 
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